How to Clean Your Room in a Fast and Fun Way

Ways to Make Cleaning Your Room Fun

There's no doubt that getting rid of dust and trash and refreshing bed sheets and drapes is necessary for your overall health. It's also essential for maintaining your home's well being. Is it really possible to make cleaning your room fun? Follow these tips and you'll have a clean room before you know it.

  • Move yourself (more) --Play upbeat music to keep your body and brain going. A fast-paced song will help lift your feet, and a steady beat gives focus to your task. You may be surprised at how quickly you can clean a room when you're singing along to your favorite pop star! Added bonus: Exercising without going to the gym!
  • Challenge yourself -- If you're a person who likes a good competition, try to make a cleaning challenge. Can you vacuum the floor in less than five minutes? Did you change the sheets in less time than the commercial ran on TV? By giving yourself small hurdles, you can accomplish your entire task in a surprisingly short period of time.
  • Reward yourself -- Use something you love, like a cup of coffee or watching your favorite reality show, as motivation to get the job done. You might watch the show anyway, but won't you be more satisfied when you've accomplished your task beforehand?
  • Get your kids involved -- It might sound counterproductive, but cleaning with kids helps take some of the work away from you as well as creates unexpected bonding time. Younger children will feel pride in helping, and older kids can practice math (counting how long it takes to fold a pillowcase) and learn science (where does the dust go in the vacuum anyway?)


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