How to Organize and Store Jewelry

jewelry box
Give everything its place and you'll no longer need to hunt down the matching earring!

Whether you're a princess with pearls or a costume jewelry queen, it's always beneficial to have a good system in place to organize your jewelry. You may have a safe full of diamonds or a dresser drawer full of beaded necklaces, but either way, it's advisable that all jewelry is stored in a dry location with low humidity. Damp conditions tarnish silver and can also cause certain types of gold to corrode. This means jewelry storage in the bathroom is a no-no.

If you have a lot of gold and silver jewelry, especially if the pieces include diamonds, pearls or gemstones, your best bet for storage is a well-crafted jewelry box that has enough compartments to store each piece separately and an area to hang chains to keep them from tangling. Gold and silver pieces should be stored in individual cotton jewelry bags that will help reduce moisture while still allowing them to breathe. Diamonds are nearly impossible to scratch, but pearls and other softer gemstones are quite easy to gash, so never store them together. It doesn't hurt to put a moisture absorbing device in your jewelry box, like charcoal, white chalk or silica gel, either. You've probably noticed that silica gel packets often come with new shoes, so set them aside before you recycle the box. There's an exception to this rule when it comes to opals, though. They need to soak up moisture to avoid becoming too brittle.


If you have a number of expensive pieces, a locking jewelry box is a good idea, but a combination safe is an even more advisable investment. Not only will this protect against theft, but a fire-proof safe would also preserve your investment in case of fire. If you want to keep everything nice and organized, get a safe big enough to hold your jewelry boxes. The organizational system you choose largely depends on how you pick your jewelry for the day or evening. You can store like items together, or organize by occasion, such as casual and formal. You can group silver with silver and gold with gold, or keep all your emerald pieces in the same area. It really just depends on your preference.

Cute Ways to Organize and Store Jewelry

mannequin's hand
A wooden hand from a mannequin would be awesome to display rings and bracelets.

Once you've determined your system for organization, now comes the fun part: coming up with cute ways to store your jewelry. We've determined that if you have expensive pieces, they're probably best stored under wraps. But if you have some cute costume jewelry, show those babies off and make them a part of your room d├ęcor.

Finely crafted wooden boxes and beautiful ceramic bowls are great ways to store groups of items together. If you want to get creative, you can turn a piece of driftwood into a great necklace or bracelet holder that will look like a museum piece on your dresser. Pick a pretty vase to serve as the base and then get some floral foam to fit inside. Find a piece of driftwood with lots of branches, curves and bumps that provide natural hanging points. Insert the base into the foam and then top with pebbles to hide the foam and help keep the branch firmly in place. Then start hanging your baubles.


You can also make your jewelry collection a beautiful piece of wall art. Start by finding a fun or funky wall frame that's at least 24 inches tall. Cut a piece of cork to fit inside the frame. It can either be from an existing corkboard, or you can buy a roll of cork at most home improvement stores. Cover the cork with paper or fabric that you love, and then hang necklaces, bracelets, rings or even earrings on push pins. For an extra decorative touch, hot glue colorful buttons on top of the push pins.

If you don't have the space to display your jewelry out in the open, you can also keep it stashed away in beautiful ways that you can enjoy every morning. If you use a drawer to keep your jewelry organized, get rid of cheap plastic containers and choose colorful and mismatched ceramic bowls or teacups. No need to break the bank -- these can be found at thrift stores and yard sales for next to nothing. Hook earrings on the edges of the bowls to keep pairs easy to find and line the drawer with a piece of decorative paper for that extra touch.


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