How to Organize Photos

Methods for Organizing Printed Photos

How you organize your printed photos will depend on what you want to do with them. You may want to create an album to commemorate a special event, or you may be wondering how to best arrange photos of your children or pets. Think about why you took the photos and what they mean to you as you decide how to organize them [source: Smedley]. You may choose to organize photos by subject matter, or instead, you may organize them chronologically.

No matter how you present your photos, you'll want to use the right tools to make sure the presentation fits the purpose. Scrapbooking supplies, such as colored paper and pens, can be fun, but be careful what you use to write on your photos. Ingredients in some pens can damage photos over time, so make sure you're using safe materials even if you're only writing on the backs [source: Sutton].

Choosing the right photo album for your purpose is another matter to consider. If you plan to add to your album over time, be sure the photo sleeves you choose are easy to refill. Think about the size of your album, too. Smaller albums that focus on a particular individual or event make great gifts. Larger albums sit well on a coffee table or in the laps of your guests [source: Williams].

But albums and scrapbooks aren't the only ways to store photos. Read on for more tips on storing printed photos.