How to Organize Your Day

Tools for Organizing Your Day

Your physical schedule is of utmost importance when it comes to organizing your day. Maybe you write everything out by hand on a giant desk calendar. Perhaps you keep a digital schedule in a smart phone. Or you might just write notes to yourself in a notebook. No matter what format you use, keeping track of your appointments and the tasks you need to complete is paramount to organizing your day.

Even if your memory is excellent, it usually helps to maintain a to-do list. Committing your agenda to paper or computer not only makes it easier to remember, but it also gives you a record to refer to when necessary. Consider using an agenda to plan your goals as well as your schedule. Looking at tasks and events side by side will help you prioritize, too. And don't stop at a mere to-do list. Every time you write something down, include a notation as to when you think it can be done [source: Bird].


If you find yourself getting distracted by a constant bombardment of e-mail or phone calls, schedule time to respond to those too, instead of responding immediately. In most cases, it should be acceptable to follow up on e-mail every few hours rather than being tethered to the Internet without a break [source: Chapman].

To avoid the physical clutter of notes and paper calendars, you may want to go digital. For information on schedule organizing software, keep reading.