How to Prioritize Daily Errands

Mapping out Your Errand Schedule

When you have a long list of things to do, you may feel you'll never be able to get it all done. One idea is to map out what you will be doing and where. For example, if you have to go downtown to pick up the dry cleaning, then dropping off that overdue book at the nearby library on the way can save you a trip. However, if you don't plan out your route, you may find yourself making multiple trips when just one could have sufficed. Gas can be costly, so making unnecessary trips can be bad for the budget. Save yourself both time and money by thinking about where you need to go and determining whether you can accomplish multiple tasks at the same time.

If you have errands to run that are within walking distance from home, consider getting them done on foot instead. It might take a little longer than driving would, but instead of piling your children into the car, put them into the stroller and walk if weather permits. Is walking the dog on that to-do list? Bring him along. You can achieve your post office run and walk the dog all while getting some exercise at the same time.

When mapping out your daily errands, leave yourself plenty of time to get things done. Many people find it difficult to balance running errands with work or spending time with family, and procrastinating will only add to that feeling of stress.

Lists and game plans are can help you keep track of your tasks, but they don't always work out exactly the way you expect. Your list should be only a guide to help you manage your time, so don't get too down on yourself if you don't get everything accomplished. If there are certain tasks you absolutely have to get done by a certain date or time, make sure you list them as priorities. Check out the next section for tools that can help you to prioritize your to-do list.