10 Creative Uses for Old Lamps

Mix and Match a New Look

Often a lamp may be in good working order, but it just doesn't match the room's style or color scheme any longer. Don't be afraid to spray-paint the base and mix up the shades for a whole new look. This is an especially nice way to hold onto lamps you thought would not fit a room's updated décor.

Spray-painting a metal or plastic base is simple -- spray the base thoroughly outside to avoid fumes, allow to dry and repeat for a second coat (add clear coat if desired to finish with a higher polish).

Spraying a ceramic base is trickier, due to the way ceramics are fired and glazed.

  1. Rough the surface with sandpaper or another abrasive, like a scouring pad. Gently scratch-up the surface evenly. Dust well or vacuum surface to remove all traces of dust.
  2. Spray ceramic base with an epoxy primer.
  3. When primer is dry, apply your color evenly. Apply a second coat, then use a clear finish to add high polish [source: Painting Tile].

Once you have a freshly painted base and new-looking shade, you'll be able to mix and match your options to optimize a room's flair and décor.

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