How to Make Your Attic More Than an Attic

Attic Offices

You may be one of the people who have discovered that working from home can be a pleasure. Many companies are now offering their employees the chance to work at home on a part-time basis. An attic office, away from the rest of the family, may be just the ticket. Plus, if you're self-employed, you may be able to take a tax deduction for your office space.

Perhaps the most important consideration for a home office -- whether in the attic or elsewhere -- is to make sure the space is fully wired for all imaginable technology. Put in more power than you think you will need -- there's sure to be a new or improved version of every machine you own coming soon. You may also want to consider sharing your home office with other members of your family now or in the future, which means adding additional outlets, cable and phone jacks for computers, fax machines, copy machines, phones and internet connections.

Beyond the wiring issues, you need to give special care to lighting. In addition to skylights and desk lamps, consider planning and positioning your desk to take advantage of natural light. Having a home office doesn't mean you have to feel "cubed-in." One option is expanding your office to take advantage of your outdoor environment. A beautifully landscaped vista can improve both your mood and your productivity [source: 5 Tips for Remodeling Your Home Office].

Pay special attention to making sure that the floor is able to support full bookcases or heavy file cabinets. An attic remodel can offer you the chance to install enough built-in shelving to meet all your needs. You can customize the shelving with your own design or with inexpensive and flexible office furniture options.

Not planning to work at home? Need an extra bedroom more than you need a place for a desk or file cabinet? Read on to learn more ideas on how to renovate your attic.