How to Make Your Attic More Than an Attic

Attic Bedrooms

Whether you're seeking an extra bedroom for company, a large master suite or privacy for a teenager, converting an attic into a bedroom often makes sense. Also, creating a bedroom increases resale value of a home more significantly than do most other attic redesigns.

Does a room have to be anything specific to be considered a bedroom? In some cases, it just has to do with the size of the windows and a closet. Bedrooms are required to have at least one window large enough to use as an escape in case of a fire. Regardless of your original intended use of the space, it makes sense to fit it out as a bedroom. That way, as your family grows or shrinks and needs change, you can adapt the space easily [source: Goering].

To renovate attic space into a bedroom, you'll also need to include proper insulation. Most attics are not well insulated, because they were never intended to be living spaces. After the area is insulated, you'll need to drywall or panel to cover the wooden frames [source: Maxwell].

Sufficient ventilation is also important, as is enough light. Several skylights will allow you to save on energy costs [source: Maxwell]. If the area gets too hot during the summer, you may wish to purchase special curtains or blinds designed specifically for skylights.

If the flooring is solid and even, you may choose to keep it as is or refinish or paint the wood. Carpeting will help muffle sounds, so consider this option depending on what room or rooms are one level below.

You may need to install a staircase if you've been using a pull-down door with stairs to the attic. Check the building code requirements in your community, as they differ. Most building codes require a single or double handrail [source: Maxwell].

Do you have a teenager with a garage band that wants to become an attic band? Perhaps you need space for the aspiring artist in your family. Read on for more information about how to renovate your attic to meet these needs.