How to Get Rid Of Mice In the Walls

Mice are a common household problem with the pests running though your attic, crawl spaces and even walls. When they get to these hard-to-reach areas, it becomes more difficult to exterminate them. Many people try poison, but that means that the mice often crawl away to die in your walls, causing odor and contamination [source: Humane Wildlife Control]. There are ways to trap mice and ensure that your walls remain mouse free. Read the tips listed below and learn about how you can get rid of mice in the walls of your home.

  • Snap or Live Traps Mice rarely leave their nests -- built into your walls -- during the daytime. So it's important to set traps at night and allow them to capture the critters while you sleep [source: Orkin]. Depending on your beliefs, choose between snap traps that kill the mice caught inside or live traps that keep the mice confined until you set them free into the wild. Whichever trap you decide on, remember to use lots of traps lined up against the wall with the trigger plate facing the wall. Keep in mind that mice like peanut butter more than cheese [source: Ehrlich].
  • Ultrasonic Devices Visit your local hardware store and purchase an ultrasonic device. These devices emit an annoying noise that bothers mice, but cannot be heard by humans. If you don't want to cause any harm to the mice, the ultrasonic device is a method to ensure that the mice vacate your walls and your home [source: Ehrlich].
  • Cats The rivalry between mice and cats is not just for the cartoons. If you want to ensure that your house remains mouse free, consider getting a cat. When you're asleep and the mice come out to eat, your cat will be ready, waiting to pounce [source: Ehrlich].