How to Hang a Mirror

A properly placed mirror can give any room the appearance of being larger. However, hanging a mirror isn't as simple as hammering a nail into the wall and hanging the mirror. The mirror has to be placed at a level where most people can see themselves and where the wall is capable of supporting it. Mirrors can be placed in bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and entranceways. Once you've decided where to put the mirror, you must decide how you are going to mount it on the wall [source: Goering]. You're now on your way to learning how to hang a mirror. Here's how to hang a mirror:

  1. Mark a spot about one-fifth of the way down on both sides of the back of the mirror frame.
  2. Drill a pilot hole on each of the marks you made and screw in a D ring. Make sure the rings are secured tightly to the frame. Don't over tighten the rings or the frame may crack.
  3. Insert a mirror wire through the D rings.
  4. Knot the wire around the D of the D ring. Twist around the extra wire ends so they won't unravel. There should enough wire to allow for a little play in the wire.
  5. Hold the mirror against the wall where you want it to be mounted and draw a line, on the wall, around all sides of the mirror.
  6. Mark the centers of the top and bottom lines.
  7. Draw a line joining those two marks.
  8. Measure the distance between the center line that you just drew and the right side of the mirror. Halfway in between these two lines draw another vertical line. Repeat the process on the left side.
  9. Make a mark one-third of the way down the lines that you just drew and. That is where you will affix the hooks to hold the mirror.
  10. Screw two hooks in the wall at the spots you marked.
  11. Hang up the mirror and step back to see if it's hanging straight [source: Ooks].