How to Light a Propane Torch

There are many household uses for propane from outdoor heaters to barbeques. If used correctly, propane torches provide you with great outdoor living. But as with most gas products, propane can pose dangerous hazards. Read the steps listed below and learn about how you can properly and safely light your household propane torch.

  1. Check the propane tank for leaks. Do not ignite the torch if you smell gas, as this could lead to fire hazards.
  2. Open the tank's valve. Different tanks open differently, depending on the design, but there's usually a knob to turn that opens the valve, allowing gas to come through. You should be able to hear gas escaping when you open the valve. Make sure to point the tank's nozzle away from any flammable objects when opening the valve or igniting the fire.
  3. Ignite the flame using the sparker supplied with your propane tank. Often sparkers go missing. If you have lost yours, you can use a match or handheld sparker to ignite the flame [source: Maxwell].
  4. Set the flame to the desired height and heat using the torch adjusting valve. Remember to keep the flame out of direct wind, as the wind can blow out the flame [source: Mr. Heater].
  5. Shut off the tank's valve when you are done with your flame.

Before leaving your propane tank on the curb for the garbage collectors to pick up, remember to make sure it's empty. If the tank is sputtering, leave it outside with the valve open so that it can empty completely, then turn the valve off and remove the torch head. This will ensure that you are not the cause of hazards on your property or in the garbage truck [source: Maxwell].