How to Make Pleated Drapes

Drapes are a common window decoration. They're different from curtains as they're lined, whereas curtains are not. Drapes are floor length, pleated and attached with hooks to a rod with a pull cord. There are many different types of pleats that can be made, including goblet pleats, box pleats, French pleats and pinched pleats [source: Home Depot]. We will now show you how to make goblet pleated drapes.

  1. Measure from the top of the window to the floor and add four inches (10 centimeters). This will be the length of the drapes.
  2. Measure the width of the window. Multiply that measurement by three to get the total width.
  3. Buy the material according to your measurements. Choose a fabric with body to it. If you choose something too flimsy, you won't be able to make pleats. Buy lining, ΒΌ inch (.64 centimeters) shorter than the drapery fabric.
  4. Make one-inch (2.5-centimeter) hems at the top and bottom of the fabric.
  5. Lay the drapery fabric on a flat surface, wrong side up. Lay the liner centered on top of the drapery fabric. Pin the liner to the draper fabric.
  6. Sew the liner to the drapery fabric. Remove the pins.
  7. Mark two inches (5 centimeters) from the edge of the fabric, with a piece of chalk. This will be the position of your first pleat. Divide the remaining width by how many pleats you want on the drape. Measure the intervals and mark them with chalk.
  8. Place two fingers beneath the fabric at the top of the drape, at each pleat location, creating a cup. With your other hand, pinch the fabric together beneath the cup, forming three pleats. Secure the pleats with a pin.
  9. Stuff some cloth filling into the cup so it retains its shape. This is the goblet of your goblet pleat. Tack the pleats with tacking thread.
  10. Pin and tack the pleats with tacking thread where the chalk marks are. Remove the pins. Sew the pleats down with a sewing machine. If you're confident that you won't run the sewing machine needle over the pins, you will not need the tacking [source: Do It Yourself].