How to Care for Bamboo Plants

Known as a good luck charm, bamboo plants are great for giving a fresh and exotic look to your garden, living room and kitchen. Even the most inept gardeners can successfully care for bamboo plants. With proper positioning and minimal watering, you can watch bamboo shoots flourish. Read the tips listed below and learn about how you can care for bamboo plants.

  • Location Bamboo plants do best in direct and full sunlight. For this reason, many people tend to keep them in their kitchens, where there's often unfiltered sun throughout the day. If you have a bamboo plant that's struggling to stay alive, simply move it to where it will have more sunlight or provide artificial light, and you will see it quickly return to health [source: Lucas].
  • Soil Whether in your garden or inside, your bamboo plants all want the same acidic soil. Plant your bamboo in moderately acidic soil and then cover the soil with a generous layer of mulch in and around the shoots. When your plant naturally sheds leaves, allow the leaves to stay underneath the shoots. They will enable the soil to remain soft and moist, and will provide necessary nourishment for the plant [source: Jaquith].
  • Water How often you water your plants will depend on the weather and the age of the bamboo. Young plants need more water, and should be watered twice a week. During the summer months and windy weather, water your bamboo plants every other day with generous servings of water. Once your plants have reached the desired height, you can water them once a week [source: Jaquith].