How to Make Homemade Raccoon Repellant

Portrait of a raccoon posing in a big tube.
You make use of homemade raccoon repellents to drive away raccoons from your home. You should also ensure that all openings in your house where raccoons might be getting in from are well closed. Picture by Tambako the Jaguar / Getty Images

There are many homemade raccoon repellants that can keep raccoons out of you're your yard. Before you begin using them, though, you should close any openings to your house where raccoons might be getting in. These include vents, windows, loose siding and soffits. Construct a "floppy-top" wire mesh fence or a wire mesh cover to keep raccoons out of a vegetable garden or ornamental pond [source: Fischer].

  • Ammonia: Put a bowl of ammonia in your fireplace to keep raccoons out of the chimney. (Install a cap on the chimney once the raccoons are gone.) Tie rags into balls and soak them in ammonia. Put these wherever the raccoons are living. Re-soak the balls as necessary.
  • Spices: Sprinkle potent spices around your yard. Cinnamon, ground black pepper and ground dried hot pepper are some possibilities. These irritate raccoons' sense of smell, encouraging them to move to a more hospitable location [source: Fischer].
  • Peppers: Make a raccoon-repellant spray by boiling two quarts (about two liters) of water with a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, several hot peppers and an onion for 20 minutes. Strain the liquid and spray it around your house, yard, plants and trash cans. You'll need to reapply this spray every two to three days and after it rains [source: Fischer].
  • Sprinklers and lights: Repel raccoons with motion-activated sprinklers or lights [source: OWREN].
  • Sound: Try repelling raccoons with a loud radio, as long as your home is not in earshot of other neighbors .