10 Unexpected Garden Decorations



If you have a pot, the plants will come. Gardeners have been pressing unusual items into service as pots for generations. A good case in point is the lowly car or truck tire. How could such a useful item be left to languish unused when it can be cut in half and transformed into a home for generations of garden herbs or morning glories? Hang it from a tree, and you have instant interest. Not as a swing but as a garden utility item; a home for a plant that would otherwise have ended up in the compost pile.

Let your imagination fly free. What else could be used as a planter? How about your old work boots? Those plastic kitty litter containers, large soup cans, old lamp bases, and dingy cooking pans you don't know what to do with? This is a good rule of thumb: If it isn't made of a toxic substance and you can drill a hole in it, it's a potential pot. After all, the plant's the important thing.

If you still have your doubts, visit your nearest art print outlet and peruse decorative photos of clever plant collections often snapped near exterior doors and windows. You'll notice something interesting. Many of them are found objects, recycled orphans that have been transformed by plants into garden art.

In the next section, we'll see how gardeners are bringing the indoors outside.