Top 5 Perennials in the Southeast



There are more than 500 varieties of hosta.
There are more than 500 varieties of hosta.

­If you are familiar with hostas, you might be tempted to skip ahead to the next page. Hostas are just so…common. You want an exciting, colorful garden, not lots more green leaves. That's what you have trees for, right? Not so fast. There are more than 500 varieties of hostas that come in many patterns and colors in blue, green, gold, white and yellow [source: The Hosta Patch]. Plus, there is a reason you see them in front of so many homes -- they're so easy to grow.

Hostas do well in shady areas, so they're perfect to surround your ­favorite tree trunk and give it some visual excitement. Just a little morning sun is all they need -- too much, and the leaves can be burnt. There are a few varieties that are more sun-tolerant, so if you are still interested in planting hostas but want to put them in a sunnier area, you should be able to find a few that fit your needs.

Though hostas are very easy to grow, they are susceptible to snails and slugs. In addition, if you live near the woods and deer are frequent visitors to your yard, hostas might not be a good idea for you. If left to his own devices, a deer could eat your entire garden of hostas in one night.

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