What is Micro-Mesh sandpaper used for?

By: HowStuffWorks.com Contributors

Although Micro-Mesh can be wet, or dry like sandpaper, it differs from sandpaper in that its backing is made of flexible cloth and latex. The main advantages of Micro-Mesh are that it's easier to access small or irregular surfaces and the chance of scratching the item you're working on is reduced.

The most famous use for Micro-Mesh is polishing airplane windows, but if you don't own an airplane, you can still use it for polishing acrylic art, fiberglass bathtubs, boats, bowling balls, car paint, granite, ceramics, copper, gun parts, jewelry, kitchen countertops, marble, musical instruments such as guitars and violins, plumbing fixtures, stainless steel and even your fingernails.


Micro-Mesh is sold in discs, rolls, sheets and specialty kits. It comes in different grades, with Micro-Mesh regular ranging from 1,500 to 12,000 (1,500 Micro-Mesh is comparable to 400-grit sandpaper). Micro-Mesh MXD contains diamonds, instead of the crystals that are used in other Micro-Mesh products, and it comes in various grades of coarseness, ranging from 40 MXD to 1,800 MXD. For comparison, 120 MXD gives a scratch pattern similar to 180-grit sandpaper.