How do you use a nail gun to install crown molding?

Crown molding is a decorative trim, an aesthetic touch of interior decorating that can change the atmosphere of any room. It's installed at the joining line of the wall and ceiling, and different styles suit different rooms. Crown molding can also be used to top of cabinets and wall units. Moldings can be ornamental or plain, narrow or wide, and sometimes they're installed to hide defects in the walls.

Installation requires precision in measuring, cutting and fitting so that the molding merges perfectly at the angle of the walls and at the corners. Having the right tools handy is important for a perfect fit and precise installation, and it will make the job easier. A pneumatic or cordless nail gun is one power tool that will come in handy. A powerful nailing gun can nail precisely and deeply, without damaging the wood like a hammer can. Look for a finish nail gun with a comfortable grip that is lightweight and easy to handle, suitable for home carpentry and woodwork projects.


Before firing the nail gun, make sure the molding is perfectly aligned with the edges flat against the ceiling and wall. Locate the wall studs and hold the nail gun flat against the surface. Drive 2-inch (5-centimeter) nails into the framing at every 16 inches (40.6 centimeters) starting in the middle, nailing the top and bottom edges and leaving the ends loose to adjust the corners. Use the nail gun for both the wall and ceiling. Make sure the corners are flat against the wall and ceiling before nailing. A nail gun easily penetrates the molding and framing quickly and precisely, so that the finished molding is flat, straight and perfectly placed. Finally, fill in the holes made by the nails with wood putty.