Perennial Gardens

Perennial gardens can produce lovely results year after year. Learn how to plan for, plant and care for perennial gardens.

Leopard's-bane has bright yellow, daisylike flowers that bloom in the spring. Read about using this perennial flower as a border plant in front of low walls or as an excellent cut flower.

Perennial lupine has fingerlike gray-green leaves. Relatively easy to care for, they make a spectacular sight when planted in large groups. Read about using perennial lupine, particularly in a seaside garden.

Mallow is a bushy soft green perennial with 5-petaled flowers that bloom in full sun or shade. Learn to grow this easy-care perennial, mixing it with ornamental grasses for a beautiful garden layout.

Meadow rue is moderately easy to care for in moist soil, and fits naturally in a wild garden. Learn to use meadow rue as background in a flower bed or in a bouquet.

Meadowsweet, also called queen-of-the-prairie, can grow to seven feet with large clusters of tiny pink flowers reminiscent of a ball of cotton candy. Learn to use meadowsweet against a dark background in your garden.

Ox-eyes are often called false sunflowers, but bloom earlier in the season. These bright yellow daisies are easy to care for, and are valuable in a bed, border, or wild garden. Learn more about ox-eyes.

Pachysandra, Japanese spurge, is a popular ground cover that bears small, greenish-white flowers in the spring. Learn to use this perennial flower in shady areas, especially under bushes and along shaded walkways.

Pearly everlastings are a wildflower common throughout much of the country. They grow two feet tall and have silvery gray leaves in the spring that turn green as the summer progresses. Learn about peraly everlastings.

Perennial pea vines are light green and bear sweet pealike flowers of pink, bluish-red, or white in August. They do well in any good garden soil and are perfect for ground covers and trellises.

Perennial sunflowers yellow flowers bloom late in the season. They are tall plants with simple leaves and large yellow daisylike flowers. They are easy to care for in full sun with good moist garden soil.

Periwinkle flowers in the early spring. The blue 5-petaled flowers are borne on short stems. Periwinkle makes excellent ground cover and is great when planted along the edge of beds or borders.

Pincushion flowers resemble pincushions full of pins when closed. They have simple lance-shaped deeply cut leaves will long graceful flower stems. They're best planted in drifts along the edge of beds or borders.

Plume poppies are lovely both in and out of bloom along borders. Their large lobed leaves of gray-green and white come with small with flowers that wave in the wind and bloom in late summer.

Rodgersias have leaves resembling those of a horse chestnut tinted with bronze. Their white flowers appear in July, blooming in flat clusters. Moderately easy to care for, they need sun only part of the day.

Rose mallow's hollyhocklike flowers are pink, purple, or white with a dark red eye. The leaves are green above and hairy white underneath. They're easy to care for with full sun and room for growth.

Sea hollies have simple spiny-toothed leaves with clusters of teasel-like blossoms. Blooming in July and August, they need full sun. They will make a fascinating addition to a wild garden and as cut flowers.

Sea lavenders have large leathery leaves that form a basal rosette and branch out into clouds of tiny lavender-blue flowers. Since they bloom in summer, they are an excellent choice for beds and borders.

Bowman's-root, a wildflower from America's east coast, blooms in white. Removing spent flowers allows the plant to rebloom. Learn more about bowman's-root and how it can accent shaded gardens and shrubs.

Hardy ageratum, or mist flower, is a blue-flowered perennial that appears in spring and blooms in early fall. It is excellent in a border or as edging in places with full sun to partial shade.

Gooseneck loosestrife is a perennial flower with white to orange blossoms. Its stout stems grow quite tall and end in whorls of small flowers that bloom in summer. Learn more about gooseneck loosestrife.

Big blue lily turf looks like grass but is a member of the lily family. Growing well in sun or shade, flowers bloom in dark blue or violet. Learn more about this great ground cover.

Baby's breath is a perennial flower that accents other flowers in cuttings and arrangements or in the garden. In this article, learn about planting, growing, propagating, and using baby's breath.

Beard tongue is a perennial flower that accents other flowers in cuttings and floral arrangements or in the garden. In this article, learn about planting, growing, propagating, and using beard tongue.

Blackberry lily or leopard lily is a perennial flower that adds bright color in cuttings and floral arrangements or in the garden. In this article, learn about planting, growing, propagating, and using blackberry lily.

Avens, a member of the rose family, sprouts brilliant blooms appropriate as garden borders or in front of rocks. Easy to grow, avens prefers cool summers. Learn more about avens at How Stuff Works.