Perennial Gardens

Perennial gardens can produce lovely results year after year. Learn how to plan for, plant and care for perennial gardens.


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Sweet Rocket

Sweet rocket, or dame's violet, bears fragrant lilac flowers, whose scent is stronger at night than by day. Though short-lived, the plants often self-sow, making them good candidates for naturalizing. Learn about caring for sweet rocket.


Rudbeckia is a relative of the black-eyed Susan. Like its cousin, this perennial is the perfect country garden plant. The 3-5 feet plants bloom from July to September and have golden-petaled flowers with dark, raised centers. Learn about rudbeckia.

Hosta Decorata

Hosta decorata is a strong perennial that will survive a frosty winter. Numerous lilac, trumpet-shaped flowers appear in panicles in midsummer, and the plant spreads to form a ground cover. Find uses and preferences for hosta decorata in this article.

Rose Campion

Rose campion is a beautiful, tall, and colorful garden classic that oozes nostalgic charm. Popular in English gardens as long ago as 1597, this classic garden plant makes a good cut flower. Learn about this plant, its history, and its uses.


Bougainvillea's pretty little flowers and deciduous vines are good for achieving a cottage look in your garden. It grows vigorously in southern and western areas, flowering in spring and summer. Read about this perennial.

Siberian Iris

The Siberian iris is an attractive perennial that comes in a variety of blues, which makes it perfect for a color-themed garden. It is a solid perennial that can endure cold winter seasons, but it does require some attention in summer. Read more.


Mayapple is great perennial for a woodland setting and a wonderful three-season plant. After they spread out, white flowers appear and are followed in autumn by rounded fruits. Find out more about this American native and its needs.

Prairie Coneflower

Prairie coneflower is also known as Mexican hat. It is a tall wildflower that will help attract butterflies to the garden. it does very well in a meadow planting or in borders. Read more about how to cultivate prairie coneflowers.


Merrybells are tall perennials whose dainty bell-shaped flowers start blossoming in spring. They do well in a woodland area or a habitat garden. Learn about this hardy and graceful woodland plant.

Golden Alexanders

Golden Alexanders are splendid additions to a woodland garden or a meadow full of prairie wildflowers. This attractive native plant carries its springtime umbels of golden yellow flowers over shiny, divided green leaves. Learn to care for Golden Alexanders.

Golden Marguerite

The golden marguerite is a daisylike perennial that comes out in full bloom from May to July. Though the individual flowers are small, they are produced in large quantities. Read more about this lovely flower at HowStuffWorks.

Anota Violacea Orchid; Rhynchostylis Violacea Orchid

Orchids are among the most beautiful flowers. Learn about growing the Anota violacea orchid, also known as the Rhynostylis violacea orchid.

Persian Violet

Persian violet is an easy-to-care-for house plant that will rebloom for three to four months. It is full of blue or white flowers and has shiny, oval leaves. Read more about this pretty rounded plant.

Soapwort, Bouncing Bet

Soapwort, or bouncing bet, has stout stems swollen at the joints with oval leaves. It bears clustered pink or white flowers and are especially fragrant at night. Read more about this easy-to-care-for perennial.

How to Grow Perennials

Perennials bring flowers and foliage to your garden year after year. Unlike annuals and biennials, they needn't be replaced at the start of each season. Learn how to design and care for a perennials garden.

Ornamental Onion

Ornamental onion is only one of over 500 species of onion. It has rounded flowers in various pinkish hues, white, mauve, and green. Use them in groups or with other perennials. Read to learn more.

Ornamental Strawberry, Alpine Strawberry

Ornamental strawberries, or Alpine strawberries, are great ground cover with pretty, small flowers, and small fruit. While edible, the fruit is not produced in great numbers, but grows quite aggressively. Read more about ornamental strawberries.

Hollyhock, Perennial

Hollyhocks are typical cottage garden flowers. They come in a variety of colors that are either single or double and may blossom several times throughout summer. Read about this flower that is regaining its popularity.

Catmint, Faassen Nepeta

Catmint, or faassen nepeta, is -- like catnip -- a member of the mint family. Its bluish flowers may bloom twice. Find out how to make the best of this pretty mint.

Fragrant Solomon's Seal

Fragrant Solomon's seal is a graceful plant with tall leaves, creamy bell-shaped flowers, and blue-black fruit. It may take some time to get established, but is well worth the wait. Read about this colorful plant.

Golden Lace, Scabious Patrinia

Golden lace, scabious patrinia, is a much overlooked perennial that mixes well with most other plants. It is easy to care for and makes an excellent cut flower. Read about this great flower.

Goutweed, Bishops Weed

Goutweed, also known as bishop's weed, can easily grow out of control but for the same reason, it makes for perfect ground cover. Read about its foliage and flowers and how to care for it.


Ladybells have enormously beautiful blue flowers. It requires little maintenance; it self-seeds, and may persist for years. Read about this heat-tolerant flower and how to care for this easy-to-care-for flower.

Hyssop, Anise Hyssop

Hyssop, anise hyssop, is a herblike perennial with spikes of brightly colored flowers that bloom in later summer to early fall. Read about this showy plant and find out which animals it attracts.

Leadwort, Plumbago

Leadwort is a beautiful ground cover with foliage that especially shines at the end of the season. It is a semi-evergreen that should not be planted with other perennials. Read about it here.