Perennial Gardens

Perennial gardens can produce lovely results year after year. Learn how to plan for, plant and care for perennial gardens.


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Perennial Flowers Image Gallery

These blooming plants will dazzle you with color year after year. Sit back, smell the hibiscus and check out these photos of some of our favorite perennials.


Santolina has bright yellow flowers in summer atop its aromatic foliage of needlelike leaves. It loves the sun and is a great choice for edging, clipping or container gardening. Learn about this lovely sun-loving plant.

Chinese Fountain Grass

Chinese fountain grass is a beautiful perennial that looks particularly impressive in fall. In late summer and fall its stems, topped by cylindrical, purple-tinged bristles, arch over the deep green foliage. Learn about this interesting decorative grass.

Elephant's Ear

Elephant's ear is a tropical plant with large heart-shaped leaves and prominent veins. It does not flourish in cold and temperate climates, but in warm areas it is an evergreen. Learn about this perennial at HowStuffWorks.

Yellow Ginger Lily

Yellow ginger lily is a fragrant tropical perennial that blooms in late summer. It prefers full sun and moist soil and can successfully be planted in a container. Read about this striking plant and how to care for it.


The popular musa, or banana plant, is neither a tree nor a palm but a perennial. It's bright green foliage grows quickly and can become quite large. Read about this green giant and how to care for it.

Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine is as pretty and fragrant as regular jasmine, but it blossoms in winter. Although its name may hint at a preference for cold conditions, it is a perennial vine for warmer climates. Learn how to grow this perennial vine at home.

Rose Geranium

Rose geraniums are beautiful floral perennials that have lovely scents ranging from floral to spicy. They will grow in pots, hanging baskets, or as bedding plants. Learn how to make them thrive in your garden.

Northern Sea Oats

Northern sea oats is a 3-foot tall perennial that is reminiscent of bamboo. It prefers a partially shady garden spot and will tolerate most climates. Learn about this plant's preferred growing conditions and how to care for Northern sea oats.

Tufted Hairgrass

Tufted hairgrass is an ornamental grass that remains green all year round. Small, brown flower spikes are produced in summer that last into the winter. Learn about its usages and care instructions of tufted hairgrass in this article.

Avena Grass

Avena grass, or blue oat grass, has yellow flower spikes in summer and silvery blue leaves. This interesting plant makes a fine structural accent and will thrive in a dry, sunny area. Learn more about this distinctive plant.

Hosta Tardiflora

Hosta tardiflora grows slowly, unlike most other hostas. It does gain in size over time but will not spread much. Its dark green leaves have a thick texture, and the large racemes of pale purple flowers appear in autumn. Learn about this hosta.

Hosta Fortunei

Hosta fortunei is just one of many different kinds of hostas. Pale violet flowers add a nice touch to the plant, making these wonderful accents for shade. Read more about this species, which has beautiful variegated leaves.

Hosta Francee

Hosta 'Francee' is a quick-growing shade plant that has large heart-shaped leaves of green and cream-colored edges. Spikes of lavender trumpet-shaped flowers appear in summer, enhancing the show. Learn about this perennial.

Hosta Sieboldiana

Hosta sieboldiana is not fond of the sun; however, in the shade it will produce wonderful blue-gray leaves and lilac flowers. Like other hostas, it is easy to care for and will continue to flourish year after year. Learn more about it.

Hosta Sieboldii

Hosta sieboldii has narrow leaves with irregular edges. Besides being a great garden plant, it carries decorative pods. It prefers shade over sun, is well-suited as ground cover and is also highly frost tolerant. Read more about it.