10 Things to Do Before You List Your House

Before you stake your sign, you have to do the prep work. See more real estate pictures.

Thinking about moving? One quick tour of your happy home might curdle that dream before it gets out of the planning stages. If your d├ęcor style is early desperation and you can't remember the original color of the carpeting, it's time to roll up your sleeves and blackmail someone into getting your home ready to sell.

If you absolutely can't coerce an acquaintance into putting on the honorary stained overalls or, our personal favorite, the Jackson Pollock jeans, here are some vital (as in unavoidable) ways you can help improve the look of your home. Do it sooner rather than later, before a stranger enters the premises, screams like a little girl, and runs full bore in the opposite direction. Trust us, we've been there.