10 Things Your Appraiser Doesn't Want You to Know

Follow him everywhere and ask lots of questions. See more pictures of real estate.

Of all the people you'll interact with when buying or selling your house, the appraiser is the one you'll get to know the least. But he'll play one of the most powerful roles in the buying or selling game. What he finds can be the difference in whether or not you'll get the house you want or be able to sell the one you don't. He's typically in and out of the house in under an hour, and he has a specific checklist of items he's looking for. While he may point out things that need to be addressed, for the most part, there probably won't be a ton of interaction.

If you have time to ask the important questions, and he's willing to provide the answers, then you're luckier than most. If he rushes through and mumbles a hasty goodbye on his way out the door, there are probably some things he'd rather you didn't know. Here are 10 that he might be keeping from you.