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Stain Removal Tools

Stain Removal Tool Safety


Because many stain-removal products are flammable or toxic, certain safety tips should be kept in mind when storing and using them.



  • Store stain-removing products carefully, out of the reach of children. The storage area should be cool, dry, and apart from food storage areas. Keep bottles tightly capped, boxes closed.
  • Do not transfer cleaning products to new containers. Keep them in their original containers so that you never have to search for directions for their proper use and so that they are always clearly labeled.
  • Follow the directions on the product label and heed all warnings.
  • Glass or unchipped porcelain containers are preferable to metal or plastic when working with stain-removal agents. Never use plastic with solvents. Never use any container that is rusty. Clean all containers thoroughly after use.
  • Protect your hands with rubber gloves and don't touch your eyes or skin while handling stain-removal chemicals. If you do accidentally touch your eyes, or spill chemicals on your skin, flush immediately with clear water.
  • Remember that the fumes of solvents are toxic; work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not use chemicals near an open flame or electrical outlet. Do not smoke while using chemicals.
  • Do not use a solvent as a laundry additive.
  • When using a solvent on a washable fabric, be sure to rinse all traces of the solvent out of the fabric.
  • Don't experiment with mixtures of stain-removal agents. Never combine products unless specifically directed to do so. Such combinations can be dangerous.
  • If the cleaning process requires the use of more than one stain-removal agent, rinse each out before applying the next.