White Fir Tree

By: C. Colston Burrell
A line of white fir trees.
This stiffly pyramidal evergreen is also known as Colorado fir. Douglas Sacha / Getty Images

White fir tree is a classic American beauty native to the Rocky Mountains. This stiffly pyramidal evergreen is also known as Colorado fir. A member of the pine family, white fir does well in cool, humid environments in Midwestern, East Coast, and Pacific coastal gardens.

Description of white fir tree: The white fir grows symmetrically up to 40 feet or more in height in cultivation and sports airy, ascending branches. The flat, 2-inch long, aromatic needles are grayish green or bluish, with two whitish or pale lines on the underside. After the needles fall, circular scars remain on the twigs. Its upright cones are purplish or yellow-green, growing mostly near the top of the tree on spreading branches.


Growing white fir tree: Provided with well-drained, acid soil, the white fir is widely adaptable in full sun or partial shade. It can take more abuse from climatic extremes and city stress than other firs. This popular concolor fir is trouble-free and low-maintenance.

Uses of white fir tree: Massive at maturity, the white fir is used as a specimen on large properties, or as a screen or background plant.

White fir tree related species: The Fraser fir (A. fraseri) is similar to the Douglas fir, but with dark green needles. Other interesting species are the noble fir (A. procera), Veitch fir (A. Veitchii), and Korean fir (A. koreana).

Scientific name of white fir tree: Abies concolor


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