White to Green Perennial Flowers

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It's natural to think of a flower garden in terms of color. Many blooms are prized for their rich and vibrant hues. However, it is possible to create a strong effect with milder colors. Like a ray of light or a dark shadow, you can create shading in your garden by using white to green perennial flowers, which gently shift the colors of your yard by using similar hues from your existing palette.

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If you want to select flowers that blend in with their surroundings, you can't do much better than these white to green perennials. The following list groups them by their sun exposure requirements. Whether you've got a wide open sky to work with or that big tree is keeping the yard well-shaded, you're likely to find a white to green perennial flower that fits the bill. Your local garden center can offer you some suggestions on the perennials that will work out best in your yard, but the lists below will give you a head start in making your selection.

White to Green Perennial Flowers for Full Sun:

  • Boltonia
  • Gaura
  • Liatris, Blazingstar, Gayfeather


White to Green Perennial Flowers for Partial Shade:

White to Green Perennial Flowers for Full Shade:


White to Green Perennial Flowers for Full Sun, Partial Shade, or Full Shade:

  • Hosta, Plantain Lily

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