Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers have the permanence of traditional shrubs, but offer the variety of more fragile annual flowers. This means that you can count on witnessing a burst of color around the same time every year. With perennials of every shape and size, and available for every season and climate, you're bound to find flowers that will suit your gardening whim.

You have a lot of questions to answer before you plant your first perennial flower. How much sun does my garden get? What kind of soil do I have? How tall do I want my flowers to be? What colors should I select? The following pages list the different varieties of perennials from which you can choose, broken down into the various types. You will probably want to consult the folks at your local garden center to determine the perennials that will perform best in your area. Still, these articles should help you narrow down the flowers that are just right for you.

An image of a columbine as an example of perennial flowers.
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Some perennial flowers, like the Columbine, have a lengthy
bloom, brightening your garden year after year.
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  • Full Sun Perennials are ideal for a yard without trees or posts to block the rays of the of sun.
  • Perennials for Full Shade grow well when placed out of the sun's reach.
  • Dry Soil Perennials can't do without moisture entirely, but will do well in arid or less humid climates.
  • Multicolor Perennial Flowers come in all colors of the rainbow.

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