Top 10 Themes for a Man Cave
Guys on couch with beer

Sometimes you need a special place just for the guys -- that's where the man cave comes in.


While the origins of the actual "man cave" idea are murky, somewhere along the line someone decided that guys needed a special area to relax, undisturbed. The early man cave was probably not a pretty sight -- a hand-me-down sofa, a battered TV, and maybe an old fridge for beer and other manly food items. But now the concept (and the one-upmanship) has taken on a life of its own: You need a theme and all the latest gadgets to set your man cave apart from the pack.

There are certain nonnegotiable man-cave items, whether you're planning to recreate Yankee Stadium in your basement or focus on a state-of-the-art gaming system: a flat-screen TV (the bigger the better), a sectional couch (preferably leather) and a drinking area (well-stocked). Some sort of memorabilia collection is usually in the mix, too. Beyond that, the sky's the limit -- but if you need inspiration, here are 10 ideas to help you create your very own man cave.