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Modern Decor Ideas

©2007 Jim Baylor The cool blue in this room exudes serenity.
©2007 Jim Baylor The cool blue in this room exudes serenity.

Blue is a classic color that never goes out of style, and it's perfect for use in your modern decor. It functions as a cool neutral, but with much more personality. Consider the chic monochromatic look used in this room.

Shades and tints of indigo, from the palest ice-blue to the darkest navy, are used with strategic infusions of black and white. Japanese art and furniture work beautifully with modern elements to enhance the sense of sleekness and serenity.

Shades of blue work together with black and white to showcase this room's Japanese theme.

The lively graphic on the rug injects a youthful note without breaking discipline. In a space like this, you could entertain guests in blue jeans or black-and-white formal wear with equal comfort.

Modern design doesn't have to mean all hard edges and sleek spaces. On the next page, get a look at some downright comfy modern decor.

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