Cabin Decor Ideas

©Hearthstone, Inc. Skilled carpenters and pioneers in the New World felled trees and hewed the logs square. Their homes' logs were lined with chinking and locked together with dovetail corners.

Cabin decor is a way to turn your log cabin into a cozy, charming environment. The tips in this article will give you ideas and inspiration for your log home.

If you haven't done it since you were a kid, go outside and sit under a tree. Lean back against the strong, warm trunk. Look up at the branches that form the canopy of leaves that shade and protect you. Want to bring that feeling home? You can with a log cabin.


©Alpine Log Homes Photos A pair of massive log posts form the boundaries of a seating area around the fire. offer their simple comfort by the hearth.

Think of the words "log cabin," and you probably envision a little log house with a shake roof tucked into a grove of trees by a lake. Maybe you see a stone chimney puffing wood smoke. While we often think of a log home's exterior, the interior is what completes a cabin's charm.

All kinds of folks succumb to the allure of logs, from new-age pioneers to cutting-edge trendsetters. The styles that decorate log homes are as diverse as the people who live in them. You'll find everything from antiques to contemporary furniture making themselves equally at home.

©Alpine Log Homes Photos Cottage style, a close cousin to the summer camp look, makes this living room adds even more spice upholstery and window treatments.

Maybe you love a particular style -- Early American, Arts & Crafts, or Southwestern -- and know that a log cabin would be the perfect stage for your style to shine. Or perhaps you'd like to bring a truly classic cabin look -- that of the cowboy, rancher, or pioneer -- to your current home. Either way, this article will give you acres of ideas for making a log cabin fit your style or for bringing cabin decor home.

©Alpine Log Homes Photos An eclectic-style cabin provides the opportunity to mix and match items from many different styles.

In the next section, we'll explore the fascinating history of cabin decor styles, including Scandinavian, Appalachian, Western, and many more.

©Charles Cunniffe Architects/Steve Mundinger, Photographer Masculine lodge style pervades this impressive log home. Generous chairs, including two fashioned of moose horns, and a deep sofa offer a place to sit back and swap tales of the hunt.

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