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Let the Sunshine In: How to Clean Glass Windows

Brighten up your rooms with a little elbow grease.
Brighten up your rooms with a little elbow grease.

You've probably heard the old housekeeper joke "I don't do windows." This is a comedy standard because it rings true. Out of all the cleaning tasks to refuse, windows ranks for a reason. For one, there are probably a lot of windows in your house, so it's a big job. Windows are also difficult to clean. The nooks and crannies collect dust and grime and require a patient hand. To get the glass to a clear, streak-free finish isn't impossible, but you have to know what you're doing to achieve this domestic milestone. And just when you think you've finished them all, you remember that the other side needs work, too. Add to this that the location of windows also can pose a problem, with some houses requiring ladders and sometimes even extension poles. The bad news is that the windows on your home should be cleaned inside and out at least twice a year. The good news is we have some tips for you to help you get your windows clean and clear.

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