Tips for Settling In to a New Town
Neighbors meeting and shaking hands.

As they say, there's no place like home. How can you make your new town feel like your hometown?

Diane Macdonald/Stockbyte/Getty Images

All your stuff is finally at the new house. Most of it is unpacked. You've started hanging your favorite paintings and filling shelves and table tops with your most cherished sit-abouts (that's Southern for tchotchke, y'all). Your chocolate lab Elvis has even found a favorite napping spot. So your new house is starting to feel homey, but you're not quite as at home in your new town. You miss your favorite coffee shop and the park where your daughter took her first steps. And you've got no idea where to go for a good, long run. But the truth is, even though you miss your old hometown, you're open to giving the new place a shot -- you just don't know where to start. Here are five important tips that will have you settling in to your new town in no time.