10 Homes of the Future ... Today

The Lost House

Living in a smaller space (like an apartment) doesn't have to mean sacrificing your futuristic hopes and dreams, urban dweller. This particular one, designed by British architect David Adjaye, is known as the Lost House because it's built onto a loading bay of a former warehouse in a back street. There's a big, brick arch that might give a hint that someone lives there, but otherwise, it's easy to pass by. Because it's tucked between two buildings, there are skylights built over each living area in the apartment to provide natural light. Once you get inside the home, you can see that there are courtyards inside and even a pond. From the outside, however, it just looks like another industrial building. This home is an example of re-purposing and rethinking existing buildings

Some homes of the future are all about demonstrating their cool features, but others keep them contained just for the enjoyment of their residents. They might be tiny or huge, technologically savvy or eco-friendly, or a combination. No matter what you prefer, you could be living in the future -- today.

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