Home Styles

Home styles include prefab houses, houseboats, historic district homes and more. Learn all about various home styles and find out which type fits you best.


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Touring the False Facades of New York City

They blend right into their neighborhoods, but hidden inside are systems integral to maintaining a city.

10 Big Questions About Tiny Houses

Thinking about moving to a tiny house but not sure you'll love it? Or maybe you're just wondering what all the hype is about. We've got answers to all your questions.

Living Large After the Apocalypse

This 12-bedroom Georgia bunker could help you adjust to life after the apocalypse. It also has 12 bathrooms and a weapons room, among other amenities. Interested?

10 Homes of the Future ... Today

Is this surreal, modern design your idea of a futuristic home? While some look like this, others would surprise you. We scope out 10 that you might want to live in today.

Image Gallery: Incredible Homes of the Future

Houses today are built by construction crews and can take months. In the future, houses could be built in a day by robotic technology. Check out our Incredible Homes of the Future pictures!

What will homes look like in 50 to 100 years?

Fifty years ago, people's concept of "homes of the future" was something like this, a far cry from how modern homes really turned out. So will future homes finally meet our wildest futuristic expectations? We make our own predictions in this article.

10 Design Flaws in the Average Home

Just about everyone's home has something that could be improved. But sometimes we make choices for our homes that aren't exactly the best idea. What flaws are common in the typical house?

How Tiny Houses Work

Imagine living in a 10 by 7 ft home for more than five years, by choice. While the thought of willingly giving up extra square footage might be inconceivable to many, there's a new movement of people choosing small spaces over larger dwellings.

Home Design Pictures

Home design is as varied as the people who come up with the blueprints. From the zeroHouse to houseboats, dive into the exhilarating topic of home design in this image gallery.

How Rammed Earth Homes Work

Believe it or not, the walls of that cozy house pictured are made of the ground beneath your feet, albeit with a little modification. But does this alternative home design practical or comfortable?

How Earthbag Homes Work

What can you get with a huge mound of dirt, a bunch of bags and some barbed wire? An earthbag home. Building one of these eco-friendly, beehive-shaped dwellings isn't as hard as you think.

How the Aware Home Works

What if your house could tell you what the weather's like outside, call an ambulance if you get hurt, remind you if you forget to take your medicine or help you find that darn remote? Well, the Georgia Institute of Technology may be very close.

10 Eccentric Homes With Hidden Passageways

If you're the type of twisted person who loves to scare the bejesus out of your friends and family, then we've got some houses for you.

How Yurts Work

Before McMansions and developments, before condos and co-ops, yurts dotted the land. Why do campers and nomads think these simple circular dwellings are yurtastic?

How the Bioscleave House Works

Frustrated by the inevitable onset of death? What if you could reverse that fate in the Bioscleave House? It's an innovative abode that could keep you alive -- and will keep you guessing.

How is an aging baby boomer generation changing the design of homes?

Would you want to trade your familiar digs for a nursing home? If you answered "heck, no," you're like millions of baby boomers who plan to age in place.

How the ZeroHouse Works

This house uses the sun to power its refrigerator, gravity to pump water and bacteria to break down trash. How does it redefine green design?

How Historic Districts Work

Does your neighbor regularly display appallingly bad taste? Would you rather not live next door to a tacky, new strip mall? Historic districts could be the answer to your neighborhood woes.

How Smart Homes Work

Wouldn't it be nice to have your favorite song start up the moment you walked in the house? Or to get the coffee brewing from bed? Smart homes can do all those tricks, and you might be able to afford one, even if you're not Bill Gates.

How Houseboats Work

A houseboat's one way to stay at the beach. It might sound exotic, but day-to-day life on a houseboat poses some unusual challenges -- like staying afloat.

Can you build a house with found objects?

One man's bottle cap may be another man's doorbell. Whether they're working from economic necessity, an artistic bent or environmental motivation, some people build their homes from everyday objects.

How Prefab Houses Work

Prefab houses are growing in popularity as larger sizes and more options become available. Learn about prefab houses and find out how they are constructed.

Why are barns usually painted red?

Historically, "barn red" is not the bright, fire-engine red that we often see today, but more of a burnt-orange red. How did rural American barns suddenly turn crimson?