10 Homes of the Future ... Today

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Touring the False Facades of New York City

Touring the False Facades of New York City

New York City is chock-full of fake buildings. Check out the infrastructure disguised as normal facades at HowStuffWorks Now.

Author's Note: 10 Homes of the Future ... Today

My favorite homes of the future are the ones that look like somewhere I'd actually want to be. All of these homes are ones that I would like to stay in if not actually live in ... if money were no object, of course. That includes the tiny house; I'd be interested in the challenges of living in such a small space. But not all futuristic homes have to be expensive, and even though some of these designs and concepts are on the pricey side now, many of them contain features that will become more accessible in the future. Meanwhile, I'm going to talk to my spouse about building a dome home.

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