10 Homes of the Future ... Today

Dupli Casa
This house practically screams "futuristic."
This house practically screams "futuristic."

It's almost impossible not to include Dupli Casa in any list of homes of the future, since many publications have been calling it "the most futuristic house design in the world." Designed by J. Mayer H. Architects, the house is located near Ludwigsburg, Germany. The exterior has smooth white curves, with wings protruding from a central core. The house looks as though it were molded into a hill, with the top level on the top of the hill. This level contains the bedrooms, which are each at a different angle and have windows at unusual angles so that each bedroom has a different view. The middle area is the living area, and the bottom contains a kitchen and other rooms. There's also an indoor and outdoor pool.

Is it energy efficient? Is it high tech? No, this house is pure eye candy when it comes to futuristic design. It makes a statement, and for some people, that's all that's necessary.