10 Homes of the Future ... Today


Some people have predicted that in the future, many of us will be living on houseboats or otherwise on the water thanks to phenomena like global warming. Even if that isn't the case, some designers think that living on the water could help solve some of the urban housing issues that many countries face. You could get ahead of the curve and buy a regular houseboat, which are often pretty basic-looking, or live aboard a regular ship of some kind, which usually isn't nearly as comfortable as a house. Or you could opt for a futuristic houseboat design like the one from German design firm Confused Direction called SchwimmHausBoot (or "floating house boat").

The firm has designed a few different models, the most recent of which is called the Silver Beaver. It's designed to blend into a wooded environment and is clad in locally sourced larch wood. The Silver Beaver has a pitched roof and a wall of windows that looks out onto a terrace. It has eco-friendly features that include insulated windows and a Bullerjan oven, which heats the boat via convection. There's even a cat bedroom for your pet. The interior looks like a high-end, minimalist apartment -- there's nothing maritime about it.