10 Power Tools that Need Maintenance


Snow Blower

Don't leave yourself buried in snow because the blower is broken.
Don't leave yourself buried in snow because the blower is broken.

If you live in a region that gets a lot of snowfall during winter, you're probably familiar with this next tool. The snow blower efficiently clears walkways by shooting the snow underfoot into another direction. If you take care if it, you shouldn't ever have to replace it. Adjust the carburetor according to your owner's manual. Fill the tank only with clean fuel. Always maintain proper oil levels. If your snow blower has a four-cycle engine, check the oil level often, and drain and refill the crankcase after every 25 hours of use. Keeping the machine's many components clean is important for preventative care, including the fuel filter, fuel tank cap vents and engine cooling fins. When you're done using this tool, turn it off, disconnect the spark plug and brush away snow from the discharge chute, auger assembly and housing. You want to store it dry, so restart it and let it run for awhile so that any remaining snow melts and evaporates. Turn it off, disconnect the spark plug, close the fuel shutoff valve and remove the key. Leave it in a clean, dry place.

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