10 Power Tools that Need Maintenance


Power Sander

Sand and dust can add up quickly.
Sand and dust can add up quickly.

There are a couple kinds of power sanders. Whichever one you have, follow these maintenance tips to ensure your tool stays in great shape for a long time. Sanders accumulate dust quickly. When grime gunks up internal mechanisms or builds up on the fan, your sander can overheat and stop working. To prevent this, regularly clean the fan and remove dust from the air openings using a brush, compressed air or simply filling your lungs with air and blowing on those areas. To prevent filth from accumulating and obstructing the fan, always use the dust bag and empty it often before it's full. After each use, clean the sander by first removing the sandpaper, then blowing compressed air over it and out of vents and openings. Gently scrub stubborn dirty spots with an old toothbrush. Always ensure the sandpaper is aligned correctly; if it's off, sparks may fly from the platen assembly, or the sandpaper might veer to one side or slide off. And of course, clean and replace sandpaper as needed.