5 Features to Look for When You're Buying an Oven


You probably already know about convection heating: Instead of using radiant heat like a conventional oven, convection cooking employs a fan to circulate the hot air in the oven for faster and more even heat distribution. This saves you time and energy dollars.

Convection-style cooking equipment isn't new, but we though it deserved a mention because it can help solve a big baking dilemma: You know the oven rack dance, right? That's the jitterbug you do every time you open your hot oven to put something inside, only to discover the racks aren't adjusted correctly. This leads to a mad dash for the oven mitt, an emergency rack adjustment and the inevitable drop in oven temperature when most of the precious heat escaped while you were getting your oven real estate in order. With convection cooking, the heat is pretty evenly distributed throughout the oven, so rack placement becomes less of an issue. Yay! No more char marks on your wrists.