10 Patio Decorating Ideas


Potting Bench

Potting benches don't have to be fancy.
Potting benches don't have to be fancy.
Jonelle Weaver/Botanica/Getty Images

A potting bench is a patio must-have for anyone who enjoys gardening. Not only is a bench a convenience to gardeners, but it can serve as a handy storage space for gardening tools as well.

Once you find a place for your potting bench on your patio, begin stocking the drawers and shelves with necessary gardening tools. Drawers can serve as a place to organize seeds, and large cabinets can hold heavy bags of potting soil, mulch and clay pots. Shears, pruners, a watering pail and a garden rake are common tools that every gardener should own -- hang them in a place where they are all readily available and easily accessed. Finally, leave plenty of counter space to serve as a prepping area for arranging assortments of flowers and plants.