How Air Tubs Work

Owning an Air Tub

While eccentric millionaires may very well have pools in their living rooms and air tubs in their kitchens, chances are that you'll have an air tub in one of two places: in your backyard or in a bathroom.

Installation and maintenance of an air tub in your back yard is expensive, but when compared to a pool, the money, time and effort are significantly less. Installation of an in-ground pool will start at about $20,000, and upkeep on some pools can bring the investment even higher. Basic air tub installation usually requires just a few thousand dollars, and as we previously discussed, maintenance of an air tub is extremely low since the pumping system stays dry.


An outdoor air tub may require building a privacy structure and additional accessories like a tub cover, access steps and possibly a surrounding deck. Outdoor air tubs tend to be used with friends and family, so they will be a little larger on average than indoor tubs [source: Consumer Reports, Be Jane].

Indoor air tubs are usually designed for personal use and may need to fit the size of an already existing space. They can be stand-alone units or part of a bath/shower combo. Privacy and access are usually taken care of indoors and accessories are at a minimum

Safety is always a big issue with any water-based recreational equipment. Children should always be supervised and taught the proper way to enjoy pools and tubs. The biggest danger to children is accidental drowning in tubs that have been left uncovered. Users with heart conditions or seizure disorders should also be aware of the risks of bathing in hot waters for extended periods of time. And according to the American Journal of Public Health, alcohol is the most dangerous factor in tub-related deaths with intoxication and drowning as the cause of 38 percent of all hot tub related fatalities [source: Press].

Going back to their origins, hot bathing tubs and hydrotherapy have been regarded as having substantial health and hygiene benefits. In the next section we will explore some alternative health aspects relating to air tubs.