How Air Tubs Work

Engineering of an Air Tub

Air tubs have four main parts -- the air pump, the air manifold, the tub and the controls.

Air Pump -- While the air pump is the heart of this operation, the machine and its function are quite simple. When the pump is turned on, a fan sucks air into a housing unit and pushes the air into the air manifold.


Air Manifold -- The manifold is the piping that surrounds the tub on the bottom, the sides or both and is usually hidden by a decorative frame. When air from the pump enters the manifold, it fills the entire space, which could have single or multiple channels, and is forced through very small holes and into the body of the tub.

Tub -- The tub has corresponding holes that quickly emit the air from within the manifold in the form of bubbles. The bubbles then rise to the surface of the water, creating a light massaging effect for anyone sitting in the tub.

Controls -- The person enjoying the air tub can use its controls to modify air pressure, water temperature and, depending on the air tub, scent (aromatherapy) and lighting (chromatherapy).