Baby Tears Plant

Baby tears plant has dainty round leaves and drapes or forms a mound, depending on pinching. See more pictures of house plants.

Baby tears plant is a mosslike, creeping plant composed of threadlike stems with tiny, kidney-shaped, apple-green leaves. It attractively drapes itself over the side of the pot or, if pinched, makes a perfect mound of foliage.

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Although it likes high humidity, baby tears also needs good air circulation. That is why it will not do well in covered terrariums. A piece of stem pressed onto damp mix will soon root.

Baby Tears Plant Quick Facts:

Scientific Name: Soleirolia soleirolii (Helxine soleirolii)

Common Names: Baby Tears, Corsican Curse, Corsican Carpet Plant, Irish Moss, Mind-Your-Own-Business


Light Requirement for Baby Tears Plant: Bright Light to Filtered Light

Water Requirement for Baby Tears Plant: Very Moist

Humidity for Baby Tears Plant: Very High

Temperature for Baby Tears Plant: House to Cool

Fertilizer for Baby Tears Plant: Balanced

Potting Mix for Baby Tears Plant: All-Purpose

Propagation of Baby Tears Plant: Division, Stem Cuttings

Decorative Use for Baby Tears Plant: Table, Terrarium

Care Rating for Baby Tears Plant: Demanding



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