Caring for Bromeliads

Fertilizing Bromeliads

Bromeliads, such as the aechmea fasciata, can live for years without fertilizer.

Actively growing plants can benefit occasionally from a fertilizer treatment, and bromeliads are no exception.

In this section, learn about fertilizing requirements of bromeliad plants.


Bromeliads can live for years without fertilizer. Since there are no supermarkets in the jungle, all the food they get is brought to them by the wind and the rain.

Bromeliads respond to feeding in the summertime. When using chemical fertilizers, use about a quarter of the amount recommended on the container.

Since the leaves can absorb fertilizer, spray them or pour the water over them as you water. Bromeliads grown under lights can be fed all year around.

Occasionally, bromeliads may become infected with a variety of pests or diseases. In the next section, learn about how to keep your plant healthy, what types of pests and diseases can attack your plant, and how to deal with these problems.

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