5 Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Dorm Room

Enjoy your new found independence...without bugs! Want to learn more? Check out these pictures of insects.
Yellow Dog Productions/Lifesize/Getty Images

So you're moving into a dorm room. Congratulations. Perhaps this is your first taste of freedom.

But, part of living on a college campus means that you'll never be alone. You'll have to deal with messy, loud hall mates and lots of other new neighbors. Dorm life can be an overwhelming situation, so it's important to make your room as much of a sanctuary as possible -- it's one of the only places you can really retreat. It's worth the investment in time (and just a little bit of money) to keep it clean, safe and free of intruders.

That said, there's not much you can do to keep your roommate at bay...so we're going to focus on the truly undesirable: The winged, the creepy crawlies, the beady eyed and the blood suckers. It's easier to prevent an infestation than it is to cope with one that's already underway, so it's far better you know up front what you might be dealing with. Right?