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The Lantana is an annual flower that is abundantly covered through the summer with brightly colored blossoms. The shrubby plant comes in garden varieties bearing white, yellow, gold, orange, and red flowers; usually the older flowers in each cluster are a different color than the younger ones.

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Description: Lantanas are woody shrubs with large, rough leaves. They grow about three feet tall and equally wide over a summer. When protected against frost, they can grow to 15 feet or more in height over a period of years.

How to grow: Lantanas need full sun and hot weather-and actually poor soil-to give their best performance. They are frost-sensitive, so plant outdoors after the ground has warmed thoroughly. Space the plants about 18 inches apart.

Propagation: Take cuttings in February for spring planting.

Uses: Lantanas are most often used in containers. They grow well in sunny window boxes, hanging baskets, or patio planters.

Related varieties: New Gold with yellow flowers grows 18 to 24 inches tall.

Scientific name: Lantana hybrida


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