10 Greenhouses Around the World


Walt Disney World

The greenhouses at Epcot practice hydroponic farming.
The greenhouses at Epcot practice hydroponic farming.
Visions of America/Joe Sohm/Digital Vision/Getty Images

For an educational greenhouse with a kid-friendly atmosphere, head to Florida. Within the Epcot Theme Park of Walt Disney World, The Land pavilion houses a series of greenhouses. Guests can peek into The Land's four greenhouses -- the Tropics Greenhouse, the Temperate Greenhouse, the Production Greenhouse and the Creative Greenhouse -- when they take the 14-minute Living with the Land ride [source: Walt Disney World News]. Sites include Mickey Mouse-shaped pumpkins, a 59-foot (approximately 18-meter) tall peach palm and sweet potatoes growing without soil [source: Walt Disney World News].

For a more in-depth view of the greenhouses and the science behind many of the horticultural techniques used by the Disney scientists, buy tickets for the one-hour Behind the Seeds tour.