How to Prevent Plant Diseases

Before you plant anything, whether it is a vegetable, an herb, a flower, or a bush, it's important to gauge just how much time you'll have to tend to your plant. If you're answer is "not a lot," you may want to explore easy-care annuals, especially ones that are hardy and resistant to disease. You might also want to go this route even if you have a significant amount of spare time to care for your plants.

This article will suggest ways to take the time before heading out to your local garden center to make good plant selections instead of just choosing flowers based on color, for example. You'll also discover several helpful plant care techniques that act as preventative measures against plant disease. You'll find:

  • Plant Disease Basics

    By learning as much as you can about the various plant diseases out there, ready and willing to harm your plants, you just might keep your annuals garden healthy without a huge amount of effort. This section starts off with several tips on making the right plant selections for your garden, including such hardy plants as roses, zinnias, Big Beef tomatoes, and Liberty apples. These plants are specifically bred to fight against infection. A handy sidebar at the end of the article lists even more disease-resistant cultivars you may want to plant.

    Choosing disease-resistant plants isn't fool-proof, however, and it's not the only step you need to take to fight against disease. Obviously, you will also need to care for your plants, including taking preventative steps toward keeping diseases out of your garden.

    Fortunately, this article also addresses several plant care tips that you should find useful. From spraying wilt-proofing solution designed to fight against foliage fungus to thinning out stems for better air circulation with plants that are prone to mildew, there are various methods that may come in handy depending on what you have decided to plant in your garden. You'll also learn about such disease-fighting home remedies as baking soda sprays to prevent fungus.

    And let's not forget about the harmful effects weeds can have on healthy plants. Find out several helpful ways to keep weeds under control, including using pre-emergent products like corn gluten on your soil or pre-digging your garden bed and letting it sit to expose young weeds ready to attack.

    You'll also learn more about mulch -- either organic varieties like leaves, tree bark strips, or sawdust, or inorganic options such as carpet pieces or landscape fabric. Best of all, mulch not only keeps weeds out but also keeps moisture in and provides a nice finished look to your landscaping. Be sure to read the tips on spreading mulch to ensure you don't put down too thick of a layer and end up smothering your plants.

Use the preventative techniques outlined in this article to keep your garden disease-free. This way, your annuals can thrive like they should, and you won't have to go to battle against diseases and weeds attacking your plants.