Golden Aster

By: C. Colston Burrell Golden aster is a See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Golden aster is an American native flower spreading from eastern New York to Ohio and then south to Texas and Florida. The genus name means "golden aspect" and refers to the color of the flowers.


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Description of golden aster: Silky stems, often with a purplish stain, grow to 3 feet in height with leaves that are woolly when young, becoming smooth with age. The leaves have a pronounced midrib. Flower sprays are bright yellow, blooming in late summer and on into fall. Ease of care: Easy.

Growing golden aster: Golden asters like full sun or just a bit of shade, doing well in hot weather with average garden soil. This is a good drought-resistant plant found growing in sandy soil in the wild.


Propagating golden aster: By division or by seed.

Uses for golden aster: The golden aster is fine for the wild garden or planted in borders. It makes a fine addition to the autumn garden, where it will mix well with other asters. Seeds sown in early spring will produce flowering plants the first year.

Golden aster related species: Hairy golden aster (Chrysopsis villosa) is a large plant with woody foliage.

Scientific name of golden aster: Chrysopsis mariana


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